Submission Guidelines

What We Publish

Rivercliff Books & Media welcomes submissions of well-crafted fiction and non-fiction books. We publish print, eBook, and audiobook formats. (We are an imprint of Wetware Media, a thriving independent audiobook publisher, founded in 2006.) We are primarily seeking titles that can be successfully adapted for film and television.

General Guidelines

Fiction: We are open to most narrative styles and forms, and are always seeking fresh and very well-written content. Send us a story that we won’t be able to put down!

We do not publish horror, sci-fi, religious, or dystopian work. We are not currently accepting short stories.

Non-Fiction: We are seeking deeply compelling literary non-fiction.


• Novellas — 30k – 50k words
• Books/Novels — 50k – 90k words

Submission Form

Please read the guidelines and instructions carefully.
Submissions that do not also have a submission form on file will not be considered!

How to Submit

1. Create a free Hey Pulisher account.

2. Submit the first chapter (or first 25 pages) through Hey Publisher.

3. After completing the above steps, please fill out the submission form below using the same email address that you use with Hey Publisher. Submissions that do not also have a submission form on file will not be considered.

Fields marked with an asterisk* are required.
Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your work.

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