Stories I Never Told You


Stories I Never Told You

A Memoir of Love, Faith, and Friendship

Sanjay R. Singhal

In the face of death and grief, it is up to each of us to decide how to maintain our faith and take the journey forward to the life we have been given.

Sanjay Singhal’s Stories I Never Told You is a mystical fusion of memoir and fiction, the known and the unknown, exquisitely imbuing the earthbound with magical reality. Exploring what it is to be a human in a vast and complex universe, these are journeys to the “other side” where the dead offer consolation and wisdom and the unshakable belief in a loving and universal Great Spirit.


Within this book, I have told my own stories, and some of these are true accounts: curious and varied events which I have witnessed, or in which I took a role. Some of them are humourous, some not so, and others dark with shadows.

These are the small, unexpected moments in our lives, when we realize something has happened: something has changed, and so we stop, and pause, reflecting, before we move forward. These are not ghost stories, but there are ghosts, within them.

—Sanjay R. Singhal


Sanjay R. Singhal is creatively inspired, constantly seeking to discover beauty in all things. He was born in Mussoorie, India and emigrated to the United States while very young (but stopped in Paris, along the way). An accomplished architect, interior designer, and artist, he has travelled extensively across the country, and has resided in Paris and Rome. Sanjay currently makes his home in northern Illinois, surrounded by woods and water, where he finds solace and inspiration for his work.


“The style is of that artless, perfectly crafted kind which we see in one of Sanjay Singhal’s literary heroes, P.G. Wodehouse. You don’t notice it, because it lets you straight into the subject without getting in the way, so that you read the story, you weep at the pathos, you delight in his delight, and only later realise that you have been in the company of a consummate story-teller.”

Father Colin Carr, OP, Blackfriars, Cambridge


“Sanjay intertwines a rich tapestry of stories which, when viewed as a whole, affords a rare glimpse into the enigma called the human soul: beauteous yet vulnerable, perfect and imperfect at the same time. Stories I Never Told You is a compelling read, a poignant reminder about what it actually means to feel human.”

—Rajrishi Singhal, Executive Editor, The Economic Times

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