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We are a very indie publisher with wide-open arms. A new imprint of Wetware Media, we know that this world is infinite in its variety, and so is our appreciation of both the written and spoken word. We welcome submissions from all over the authorial map – fiction, nonfiction, essay – from both new and established authors. We publish books, audiobooks, and PenDust Radio, a storytelling podcast of short fiction and nonfiction.

We’re pretty much up for anything and everything that is excellent, which we learned from Bill and Ted.

Perfect for Film and TV adaptation, our intellectual properties include:

•  Fiction: Drama, Mystery / Suspense, Noir, Paranormal, Historical, Horror, Short Stories
•  Nonfiction: Biography, Memoir, History
•  Children: Book Series, Comics, Animation
•  Adult Animation

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Publisher, Lisa Duff

Senior Editor, Carol Stanley

Sample Properties


Hawkesmoor: A Novel of Vampire and Faerie

Vampires, Romance, and dark Celtic Mysticism — a fresh take on the vampire novel. Watch the trailer here.


An “arctic noir” mystery—a story of lives gone awry under Alaska’s relentless summer sun. A heart-thumping, edge-of-your-seat ride, perfect for a limited TV series.

A Season for Wolves

Mystery, love, passion, and horror in England and France during the “Reign of Terror.”


Written on Water

True tales of the adventures and misadventures of the most eccentric and lovable characters from Maine’s “back of beyond.”

I’m Not Here

A city kid from Paterson, NJ is packed off to a southern religious boarding school in the 1950s. A hilarious mix of religion, teenage angst, and alcohol.

The Eagle Mutiny

With more tension and danger than The Caine Mutiny, this page-turning true story is about the only mutiny on an American ship in modern times.


Adult Animation | Children’s Books & Animation


Tales from the W.E.B.

A seven-book illustrated children’s series of magical adventures similar to The Winx Saga or Buffy The Vampire Slayer, featuring teens who are learning their craft while saving each other, and sometimes the world.


Grimm Endings

An anthology of clever, twisted, and dark nursery rhymes and modern classics with twisted and sinister plot and character twists.


Sir Ant-sirlot

First a children’s animated short, the companion comic book features the adventures of the Sir Ant-sirlot and his ecletic group of friends.


Complete Rights Catalog

We’ve got much more! Download our rights catalog PDF.

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