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Vampires, Romance, and dark Celtic Mysticism fuse and blaze
in this epic tale set in New York City, Yorkshire, England — and time itself.

A Novel of Vampire and Faerie

by Anne Merino

Robin Dashwood, a handsome and charming British vampire with long gone aristocratic connections, is about to be thrown into an epic adventure that will shine light upon the rise of the vampire. This is the last thing he could imagine himself doing. Robin prefers to hide in plain sight — having devised a quiet life for himself in New York as a history professor in hopes of avoiding other more powerful vampires and their dangerous, decadent political machinations.

But a chance encounter in a Manhattan art gallery introduces him to the beautiful Lady Caroline DeBarry and reveals a vicious murder from Robin’s human past. In search of answers to this historical mystery, he returns home to England and to Caroline who has captured his heart. As Robin uncovers the truth, he finds traces of a far more ancient and shrouded realm than even that of the vampire. This will shake the foundations of vampire lore and its brutal hierarchy, placing Lady Caroline in terrible danger and setting in motion events that will lead to a final bloody confrontation between a revenant army and human kind.

Hawkesmoor is the first book in a trilogy that will continue the eerie adventures of Robin Dashwood – a very British vampire.

Publication Date: May 18, 2020


Photo: Erin Judd

Anne Merino grew up in Arizona, devoted to horses, hounds, and books. The daughter of an American classical philosopher and a Welsh mother who loved to tell her eerie tales of ghosts, elemental beings and mortals who built bonfires to Ceres, it is, perhaps, unsurprising that story and theatre became her passion. Anne went on to become a professional ballerina and choreographer for notable companies in the US and abroad. Now happily retired from the stage, she writes novels and plays. Married to a filmmaker, she also has two fascinating sons and a retired working dog named Hector.


Part 1: Anne Merino talks about her novel, Hawkesmoor

Part 2: Anne Merino talks about writing and her background.


“The paranormal features are refreshingly unconventional and well handled. Fans of romantic fantasy will be interested to see where the series goes.”

— Publisher’s Weekly

Steve Hockensmith

New York Times best-selling author of
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

“Breathing new life into vampires isn’t easy — after all, they’re dead — but Anne Merino has managed it with aplomb. Like the vampire at its center, Robin Dashwood, Merino’s Hawkesmoor is both erudite and full of passion, witty and tragic, attuned to the classics yet utterly modern. If you’re in the market for a new, fresh vampire saga or just a bloody good time, look no further.”

Amanda McCabe

Award-winning author of A Lady in Disguise, Nine Ladies Dancingand Miss Fortescue’s Protector in Paris

“Delightfully well-crafted, intricate and enchantingly imaginative, I was drawn deep into this enjoyable read with its complex world and fascinating characters. It actually makes me feel excited for vampires again!  Romance and adventure, with an odd charm all its own, and fully realized world-building. Highly recommended!”

Sanjay R. Singhal

Author of Tales of the Night Watchman

“Anne Merino’s sweeping new novel, Hawkesmoor, invites the reader upon a vampiric journey from Georgian England to the French Revolution to modern-day New York. Robin Dashwood — tall, elegant, and beautifully dressed — makes his way through the world of men, seeking solace from his past, present and future. Hawkesmoor is beautifully written, crafted, and conceived; it is a vampire story unlike any other, offered by a writer unlike any other.”

Clifford Slapper

Author of Bowie’s Piano Man: The Life of Mike Garson

“In Hawkesmoor, Anne Merino has created a finely crafted tale which is both elegant and erotic. Its gothic wit propels us grippingly through a vast historical panorama, steeped in vampiric lore, towards something almost cosmic and strangely timeless. Paradoxically, this thoroughly entertaining vampire chronicle casts a light on what it actually means to be human, which makes this a superbly rewarding read.”

Natalia O'Sullivan

Author of Soul Rescuers: A 21st Century Guide to the Spirit World and The Ancestral Continuum

“My life has been devoted to the study of the esoteric and paranormal so I sat down to read Hawkesmoor with genuine interest. This exquisitely written novel weaves an elegiac tale through time and alternate dimensions that is absolutely impossible to put down. A must read for lovers of the mysterious and beautiful.”

Sharon Day

Author of the SEEK Team Investigations series and owner of “Ghosthunting Theories,” the second largest paranormal blog in the world.

“Just the magic readers need to believe again in heroes! Instantly, I took to the hero and heroine, unable to set Hawkesmoor: A Novel of Vampire and Faerie down until I reached the brilliantly executed ending. Like a gracious hostess, author Anne Merino invited us into a most exciting world to be part of a titled family lineage with secrets to keep. When I set the book down, I felt as if I had been a willing participant in this romantic thriller.”

Mary Finnigan

Journalist and author of Psychedelic Suburbia: David Bowie and the Beckenham Arts Lab

Hawkesmoor is an irresistible yarn from the first paragraph onwards. It zips along, paced to hold the reader’s attention, with liberal doses of shock, plus a twist that explains the title and sets the scene for the action that unfolds. I truly love this book — from me that’s a meaningful statement because I hardly ever read fiction.”

Charles Cameron

Oxford poet and contributor to Children of Albion: Poetry of the Underground in Britain

By the time you’re two pages into Hawkesmoor, you know you’re in the hands of a master storyteller. Already you’ve gently polished the surface of the vampire genre, and revealed some of its true and authentic nature, quite apart from the commonly held conceptions of our day. But you’ve yet to encounter the Welsh supernatural that storms in some centuries and pages later — a completely fresh and brilliant form of the gothic imagination. And what of Anne Merino’s characters? So well drawn, and with such attention to the fall of a phrase. Robin Dashwood — you may well fall for him, dashing as he is — or his centuries-long love. Oh, reader, read on!”

Bryan Alexander

Georgetown University, Futurist, and author of  “Blogging Dracula since 2005”

Hawkesmoor is a delightful ride through vampires and time. Its mysteries draw in the reader irresistibly. And it’s more fun than Anne Rice!”

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