I'm Not Here

104 p.
January 2021



The Hundred Grand Man

A Film Lover’s Fable

Charlie Tarabour

The Hundred Grand Man is a long short story about Henry, who was born in a movie theater to a Korean movie obsessed single mother. He grows into boyhood under his adoring and hardworking mother’s care and feeding, and absorbs her passion for movies.

As a young man, Henry sets an absurdly ambitious goal to watch 100,000 movies in his lifetime. Will this well-loved oddball meet his goal?


Charlie Tarabour has lived in three of the four Continental U.S.timezones, and brought his Rio Bravo-era John Wayne bust to all three of them. He used to be a conflict negotiator at arthouse movie theatres across Los Angeles. He’s been a bad poet and a better screenwriter. Now he writes fiction.

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