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A Season for Wolves

460 p.
June 2024
Suspense / Historical / Romance

Anne Merino’s screenplay, based on the book, is winner of the Madras Independent Film Festival’s Critic’s Choice Award and an official selection of the 2020 Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival.


A Season for Wolves

A Mystery of the French Revolution

Anne Merino

A Season for Wolves is set in the time of the French Revolution, in courtly England and the La Forge Prison in Paris.

In the winter of 1794 Elizabeth Darnaway and her father – a High Court judge – arrive at Jericho Castle in Yorkshire looking for the Duke Of Jericho who has recently returned to England from revolutionary France where he had been imprisoned as an enemy of the state. They discover he has been exiled to a tower cell where he has been chained to a wall after suffering a complete mental breakdown.

Elizabeth and her father rescue Dorian Thorne – once a glittering and sophisticated aristocrat Elizabeth had been engaged to marry. Safe in the bucolic climes of the Darnaway country estate, Dorian’s fragmented personality begins to coalesce.

But the reign of terror is not finished with the Duke Of Jericho. Marcel Brune – the Revolutionary Tribunal’s creature — has arrived in England to extract a terrible secret from Dorian Thorne. While Brune’s machinations bring horror and danger to the Darnaways’ quiet lives, Elizabeth is able to piece together the puzzle of Dorian’s mysterious trip to Revolutionary France. It reveals a nightmare of violence, state secrets and unbelievable courage.

A sequel to A Season for WlovesThe Prince Of Poison – will follow the French spy Marcel Brune as he once again delves into political intrigue amid a string of assassinations.


Anne Merino grew up in Arizona, devoted to horses, hounds, and books. Anne is the author of Hawkesmoor: A Novel of Vampire and Faerie. She is the daughter of an American classical philosopher and a Welsh mother who loved to tell her eerie tales of ghosts, elemental beings and mortals who built bonfires to Ceres, it is, perhaps, unsurprising that story and theater became her passion.

Anne went on to become a professional ballerina and choreographer for notable companies in the U.S. and abroad. Now happily retired from the stage, she writes novels and plays. Married to a filmmaker, she also has two fascinating sons and a retired working dog named Hector.

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