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April 2021

I’m Not Here

A Misfit’s Memoir in 21 Vignettes

Jerry Vis

February 2021

The Hundred Grand Man

A Film Lover’s Fable

Charlie Tarabour

June 2021

The Beak in the Heart

True Tales of Misfit Southern Women

Betina Entzminger

January 2022

A Season for Wolves

A Mystery of the French Revolution

Anne Merino

Latest Release

Vampires, Romance, and dark Celtic mysticism fuse and blaze in this epic tale
set in New York City, Yorkshire, England — and time itself.

Hawkesmoor: A Novel of Vampire & Faerie

Robin Dashwood, a handsome and charming British vampire with long gone aristocratic connections, is about to be thrown into an epic adventure that will shine light upon the rise of the vampire.

A chance encounter in a Manhattan art gallery introduces him to the beautiful Lady Caroline DeBarry and reveals a vicious murder from Robin’s human past. In search of answers to this historical mystery, he returns home to England, and to Caroline who has captured his heart.

As Robin searches for the truth, he finds traces of a far more ancient and shrouded realm than even that of the vampire. This will shake the foundations of vampire lore and its brutal hierarchy, placing Lady Caroline in terrible danger and setting in motion events that will lead to a final bloody confrontation between a revenant army and humankind.

Hawkesmoor is the first book in a trilogy that will continue the eerie adventures of Robin Dashwood – a very British vampire.

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